Your website copy is your most important asset and here’s why

You wouldn’t invest in a brand new limousine and then leave it to gather dust in a warehouse because you can’t afford to put fuel in it, would you? The same goes for your website. It’s pointless having it, if you don’t publish fresh content on a regular basis. Setting up the pages about your business, products, services and contact information is just the first step and here’s why:

Your website copy plays two equally important roles which are also codependent:

1. Informs the visitor about your products and services

The core purpose of your website is to show what you can do for the visitor and convince them that you are the right fit for them. This information is normally found on the main pages which are directly linked to in the navigation bar and referred to on the homepage and anywhere else if and where appropriate. 

Once published, the majority of this information doesn’t need to be updated, unless you move into new premises, hire more members of staff etc. The good news is that your website is likely to have these pages set and up to date. 

The problem

There lies the problem: if your website is a couple of years old and not updated since it was first published, Google will treat it as yesterday’s newspaper. That means you are left at the bottom of a very competitive search term. The quickest way out of it is to pay for adverts which can set you back as much as £5.91 per click! If your conversion rate is 1%, you need to spend £591 in order to get 100 visitors to your website and make one sale. 

The solution

The long-term solution is to start a blog and publish new posts every week. Spend some time to research the market and work out what sort of keywords you need to target. Make a list of them, create an editorial calendar, set a publishing schedule and start writing. It takes a bit of time but it’s an investment which pays off in the long run. The big Funeral Directors publish quality content consistently as well as paying for Google ads to make sure they stay on top of the search results.

If that seems like too much work, you can hire a professional copywriter to do it for you. I offer a blog content package for Funeral Directors which does exactly that at the fraction of the cost of running adverts on Google. The best thing is that, once published, the blog posts stay on your website forever.

2. Sends important signals to the search engines

The search engines go through the copy of your website and use the information they collect to index it. Therefore you not only need to publish useful posts on regular basis but you need to make sure that they are also optimised for the search engines. 

Be warned though: the minute Google senses “foul play”, your website gets penalised and struck off the search results until you “play nice” again or until “further notice”. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself in this article –

So when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) there are no shortcuts and anyone who tells you otherwise has the potential of harming your SEO ranking. Play by the rules, be patient and publish content to help your clients and visitors to the website, not to score on a particular search term or keyword. 


It sounds simple but there is a catch: in order to get visitors to your website and show them why you are the best Funeral Director they need, you need to convince Google to put your website in the search results where they can see it. That’s the difficult part and that’s why you need to start a blog. 

It wouldn’t hurt to go through the existing pages to make sure they are optimised for search engines too. More on that in my next blog post.

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Hi, I’m Mark Welkin and I’m here to help small businesses reach big audiences. 

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About Mark Welkin

Hi, I’m Mark Welkin and I’m here to help small businesses reach big audiences. 


Do you want
more clients?

Hi, I’m Mark Welkin and I’m here to help small businesses reach big audiences.