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Social media content package

Keep an active social media profile and appeal to your followers on their favourite network.

A monthly social media content package

A tailor-made solution for your business which includes a set of well-researched social media posts optimised for Facebook and Twitter.

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Social media posts

Five-weeks worth of Social Media Posts which you can copy and paste to your Facebook or Twitter profiles

social media and blog posting schedule

Posting schedule

A spreadsheet with all Social Media Posts, organised in the intended order of publication by day and week

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Social media planner

A printable Weekly Social Media Planner which you can use to plan your next strategy and individual posts

Social media has never been easier

If you can copy and paste, you can do it

Open the file, copy the  social media post you’d like to share and paste it to your Facebook or Twitter profiles

social media content on mobile phone

Tailor-made social media content solution

Promote your products and services, drive traffic to your website and encourage new enquiries without spending hours trying  to come up with relevant content for your social media profiles

Never run out of social media posts and ideas

The easiest way to maintain an active social media presence. Re-run the set of pre-written posts every five weeks or use the Weekly Social Media Planner to write down ideas for new posts

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Appeal to your followers on their favourite social media network.


A talented and Reliable copywriter

Mark’s charisma and his passion for writing engaging copy really shines through in his work. He has a great ability to take a brief and deliver charming content which resonates with the target audience.

I have absolutely no issue recommending Mark for anyone looking for a talented and reliable copywriter.

Helen Sharpe – Content and Social Media Manager, Interflora

Social media content package FAQs

What do I receive?

You receive a ZIP folder which contains a Microsoft Word file, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a PDF file.

What types of posts do I get?

The posts are organised in relevant groups to promote specific products and services that you offer.

How do you know what I want?

You are required to fill in a form which is your chance to specify the type of content you require and to give an overview of your industry and business.

Why do I need this package?

This package contains a five-week social media content which helps you to maintain an active social media profile whilst promoting relevant products and services.

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