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Journalist, author, copywriter

Mark Welkin’s career spans over two decades to include most aspects of writing and producing different types of content for various print and online media outlets in Europe and Asia.


Mark's first article was a feature about the blossoming love between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Since then, he has worked for a number of publications in Europe and Asia.


He has a talent for writing concise pieces of content which are based on extensive research and aimed at different types of audiences for both print or online publication.


Earlier this year, Mark was commissioned to write a series of grief guides for Dignity Funerals. He also writes for Interflora and for select fitness, travel and lifestyle brands.

20+ years experience of writing for different audiences

500+ articles, features, blogs, interviews

Mark specialises in writing about health and fitness, self help, travel and lifestyle, grief and bereavement. His unassuming writing style helps him to produce engaging pieces of content on topics which have limited appeal to mass audiences. 


50+ guides, reviews, product descriptions

Over the past two decades, Mark has produced numerous destination guides and reviews for hotels and restaurants in France and Thailand. He is also experienced in writing press releases, product descriptions and advertising copy.

His engaging style of writing ensures that your corporate message and call to action are delivered in a friendly tone that matches your clients’ expectations..

50+ book chapters

A decision to turn the content of a blog into an eBook, became the launch of Mark’s career as an author. His first book – a grief memoir, which was published under his own name, went to the No1 spot on Amazon in its category. 

Since then, Mark has written a trilogy of self-help grief books to help bereaved spouses to cope with their losses and adapt to life without their loved ones.


Expand your reach beyond that of traditional products and services. Appeal to website visitors in a way which is likely to turn them into loyal clients.

Self-help books by Mark Welkin

The warm response to Mark’s grief memoir, inspired him to write a trilogy of self-help books that motivate and inspire bereaved spouses to move forward with life after the loss of their loved ones.

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