The Complete Grief Trilogy

by Mark Welkin

  • The Brief On Grief
  • Stop Crying Start Grieving
  • When Life Goes On Without You
the cover page of a mark welkin book
the cover page of mark welkin self-help grief guide
the cover page of mark welkin grief memoir

The Brief On Grief

An introduction to grief

Short and to the point, this book sheds light on some of the most common myths about grief and it features different sources of help and support, both online and offline. 

Mark also shares some of his personal experience with grief.

Stop Crying Start Grieving

A self-help grief guide

A practical and inspirational self-help grief guide for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one – husband, wife, spouse, partner. The book helps the reader to break down grief into individual feelings, emotions and symptoms. It explains their causes and shows the reader how to overcome them. 

book for grieving husbands, wives and spouses

When Life Goes On Without You

A grief memoir

The story of a broken man who uses grief to power his way to a happy life. Mark is not afraid to expose the most intimate and vulnerable details of his emotions and struggles in order to show the reader that how they feel, and how they deal with their own grief is normal.

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