Your website copy is your most important asset and here’s why

You wouldn’t invest in a brand new limousine and then leave it to gather dust in a warehouse because you can’t afford to put fuel in it, would you? The same goes for your website. It’s pointless having it, if you don’t publish fresh content on a regular basis. Setting up the pages about your business, products, services and contact information is just the first step and here’s why: Your website copy plays two equally

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a banner telling funeral directors what not to do on social media

What NOT to do on social media if you are a Funeral Director

The lack of social media content strategy can lead to engaging in some questionable practices in an attempt to be noticed or just for the sake of posting something. Doing that damages your reputation and is likely to turn potential clients away. This list of what NOT to do on social media, gives you a good idea about the bad online habits you need to avoid. 1. Ignoring your followers You would never ignore a

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a banner indicating the social media mistakes funeral directors still make

5 social media mistakes Funeral Directors still make and how to fix them

When was the last time you looked at your social media profiles? Are they a true representation of your business values and branding? Would you leave a comment or click on the Like and Follow buttons? If you are not sure about the last question, this list of social media mistakes might help. 1. Your social media branding is inconsistent One of your profile pictures is an old logo, the other features funeral flowers and

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social media guide, funeral directors

Social Media Guide For Funeral Directors

Social media is an integral part of everyday life and a staple marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Although organic reach (the chance of your updates to reach your followers without paying for promoting them) has been drastically reduced, it’s still worthwhile to maintain your profile and benefit from the exposure to new and existing audiences. This social media guide for Funeral Directors covers the basics of choosing the right network, optimising your profile,

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