Grief and bereavement journalist

Hello. I am Mark – an author and journalist with print and online experience from different media outlets in Europe and Asia. 

In 2014, I lost my long-term partner to a heart attack and I spent the next couple of years adapting to life on my own. I wrote a grief memoir which went to the No1 spot on Amazon and the feedback from my readers inspired me to continue writing about grief and bereavement. 

I write grief guides for Dignity Funerals and I have three books about grief which are ready to be published.

I specialise in writing about the following topics:

mark welkin, author, journalist

Grief and Loss

Grief guides, books, eBooks, brochures, articles, blog posts.

Health and Fitness

Articles, feature articles, blog posts, eBooks, workout plans.​

Travel and Lifestyle

Articles, features, blogs, destination guides, restaurant and hotel reviews.
Mark’s charisma and passion for writing engaging copy really shines through in his work. He has a great ability to take a brief and deliver charming content which resonates with the target audience.

I have absolutely no issue recommending Mark for anyone looking for a talented and reliable copywriter.
Helen Sharpe
Content and Social Media Manager, Interflora